How Does Accuracy Affect The Quality Of Your Report

As much as I'd want to say that medical transcription is just another easy typing job, then I'd be lying. Medical transcription requires special skills that makes an employee of this career different from the rest of those white-collar jobs. One of these skills is accuracy.

In this job, your performance will be based on accuracy, in turn will affect the quality of your report. Not only in terms word accuracy but also in the accuracy of the meaning a report conveys.

You can determine your accuracy if your report has:
  • Many flags
  • Ommitted dictations
  • Incorrect use of medical and English words
  • Patient Information errors
  • Misspelling
  • Incorrect verbiage usage
  • Incorrect format protocol

Your accuracy will also be determined by your editor. Depending on his professional judgement, he will rate your report as accurate or not, which will range from 40 to 100 in percentage.

There will be times when you will not know the quality of your performance. The best way to know is to ask your editor to relay or give you a feedback on your transcripts.


MadRoad said...

How much exactly is the minimum salary for an MT? I often heard 70K plus a month. If that's true, 70K is worth for a job that requires best hearing skills, fast typing skills, and comprehension. Call center nalang ako sigoro. Mukhang di ko kayang mag transcribe..hehe..

MT Central said...

It is possible. If you are paid directly by the employer, which could be 7 cents per line, and if you can finish 1000 lines per day, then you would be earning 70 US Dollars per day. But if your an employee of an outsourced company, your salary would probably either be fixed or less than 7 cents per line which ranges from 3 to 4 cents per line.

It would also depend on how much you lines per day you can finish. The more the better.