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Earn money online with paid forum posting

These days forums are pretty popular - they have one huge advantage: you can access real human wisdom for free. Before I started making money online I have used dozens of make money online forums. Forum owners make money too and they try to encourage their users by sharing their revenues with them - forum owners create cash giveaways, contests for their members and some of them even receive money for posting.

So far I know two types of paid forum posting websites:

1) paid forum posting agencies - these are basically sites, which hire forum writers (posters) and tell them which forum to fill with content (good knowledge of the topic and good grammar are required). Usually you can receive 5-25 cents for every post made.

2) sponsored forums - here users get encouraged and receive money for their participation. They either get a chance to participate in give aways or receive money on a pay per post basis. This is a simple way to make money online for free, but you surely won't get rich from this method, because the maximum you can get is 5 cents per every post.

Below you will be able to check out the best sites for making money online with paid forum posting. If you want to learn how to earn money for free by using forums, please stay tuned.

Earn Money by Posting on Forums with

Get paid to post and be active on forums

Get paid to post on forums with is one of the latest sites, where you can earn money by posting on forums. This is a forum post exchange website, where you can earn money by posting on sponsored forums. Be an active member of the suggested forums and receive points for every post or thread created. All the points could be used for boosting your forums or for casing out. Depending your poster status, you can get up to 2 points for every post made. One point is equal to 5 cents, which means that you can earn good money by posting on forums and completely free.

Get Paid to Post on Forums with

How to Make Money for Free by Being Active on Forums?

Make money by posting on forums with is probably the first website, which offered the concept of making money by posting on forums. Mylot is basically a forum, where users discuss their topics of interest and receive special points for their activity. Apart from posting for money, users can invite new members and receive a percentage from the money they make. I can't tell you that you can become rich by using, but I know some people, who have a massive downline and make good money by posting on Mylot forums. The verdict is that Mylot is a superb forum, where you can get quality advice quickly and at the same time receive some money for such activity.

Make Money by Posting on Forums

Ways to Make Money For Free by Posting at

Get paid to post on forums with is a pretty popular make money online forum, where users can discuss the latest ways of earning money. The administrators want to reward the users for their participation, that is why they share their revenues with all members. Even though the pay per post rates are not high, but you can still accumulate some money. Right now users get $0.03 for every post and reply on forums and the minimum cash-out is equal to 4 dollars (payout available via Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, PerfectMoney, RoutePay, GlobalDigitalPay). Furthermore, admins offer a large variety of contests and pay money for referring new members (up to $1.5 for every active user).

Other Get Paid to Post Forums

Other forums paying money for posting

Earn money from home by posting on - free make money online forum, where you can discuss business-related information and earn money by taking part in various contests and using this website. Members receive 6 cents for every new thread created and 3 cents for every new post. Also you can make money by referring new members - 10 cents per referral. Payments are via Liberty Reserve only. - a discussion board about technology and ways to earn money online. They don't offer very high pay per post rates but still it is something (members earn up to 2 cents per post). Not sure about payout options, would appreciate your help. - apart from providing micro freelance jobs, MinuteWorkers has a forum, where you can discuss almost everything and receive money for your activity. They pay one cent per post but something is better than nothing. - make money online by discussing Internet business topics. EarningPalace is a revenue sharing website and here you can earn up to 3 cents for every new post and $0.25 for referring new members. The minimum payout is just 2 dollars to Liberty Reserve. - make money online by using this get paid to post forum. Here you can discuss almost anything, including Internet business. Pay per post rates are not that bad - you receive 3 cents for every post made. The minimum cash-out to PayPal is just 5 dollars and $4 for Liberty Reserve payments. - showcase your paid forum posting services and get a chance to make money online. Find new clients, promote your services and build your portfolio with the help of Here you can offer freelance services (gigs) and get paid 5 dollars for every completed one. Also you can refer your friends to improve your earnings by 5 percent. - gives us a superb chance to talk about ways to make money online on their forums and earn cash by doing so. MarvelousForums is a paid to post forum, where users get up to 8 cents for every new thread in the forums. Also you can refer your friends and get 10 cents for every new forum

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