How To Become Richer Today

When I was a child there I was fascinated by the things people give away and take back when they meet up in a store. And when I was a bit older I discovered it was money - cold hard cash everyone's been dying to get a hold of every single days of their lives. The poor needs it. The middle class desires for it. And the Rich wastes it. All goes well and all.

But as I got older, just like you and everyone else's, I've got to face the fact that I too also need the money to use for myself.

High school life was pathetic. It sure did give me scars I don't exactly needed at most. And then there was college. was the best years of my life. I always want to get back to college. Feel that fresh day when I always need to finish an assignment to pass for my instructor who never cares to scan it. But then again, after finishing nearly 8 semesters of grueling, ass kickin' nights and days in school, I was convinced that school was just a playground.

It meant nothing to the real world. It was a playground for most employees and a few employers. And I don't want to be an employee myself.

When I graduate, what will I do? Where will I go? How will I do it? Am I doing the right decision?

Recently, it got me thinkin' when I read just a couple of pages from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. All right just a hundred pages. But for the most part what I got from his book was that it was simply how we think of ourselves - whether you're an employee or the employeer.

While most college graduates bounce around the country trying to find a good job that will take care of their financial need, employers think of this in a different way. They use this mind-setting of most of the working population to thier advantage.

Thinking that their monthly salary would keep them from being poor and useless, employees set their lives on a ratrace pitfall. They work for the rest of the month, wait for their monthly salary, spend their monthly salary for whatever purposes, and then work again for another month. What a rat race cycle!

Employers think differently. They work for the rest of the month, wait for their monthly salary, invest a part of their monthly salary on a business, work again for another month and then invest again. That's how the rich become rich - they invest their hard earned money on their day job on money making businesses.

But no! That's ain't possible for the employee. Most of the time, what they will think is that they want the money now, spend it now and work again, again and again.

But were the employers already employers from the start?

Of course not. Somewhere in the past they were too employees. They just know what to do with their money and how to find the right opportunity in their current situation. The owner of SM Mall was just a shoe maker in his younger days. He just used his hard earned SAVED monthly income to start his own COMPANY. That took him years to do it. But I'm sure, now that the internet age has come to view there are more opportunities now that 30 years ago. So there is no reason for anyone to say that he only needs to be an employee to be financially free. That's what I'd say.

Your're talking all of this - how about you? What have you done to become an employer so far?

How about me? Well, I've got some few ideas I'd done already. Although I'm still in the employee stage, I'm already doing stuff I think is gonna make me some grand bucks for the future. It's not much but hey, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WON'T TRY. I'd say.

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