Earn Money And Prizes By Using Social Websites

img by etsylove.ning.comThe internet era has caused a lot of exciting and interesting projects to appear on the market. All these projects try to make the process of using the Internet more fun and interactive. I have found some websites, which give its users an opportunity to earn money and get prizes just for being active on their sites. Most of the time these websites are social networks, sponsored forums, auctions or other social sites.

By being active on these you can earn prizes, gift cards and other rewards, most of the time you will just have to invite your friends, do a lot of promotion and referring in order to earn money or get free prizes for being active. So let's see which sites I came across in this niche.

How to Get Prizes for Being Active

Best paid social networks

Get free stuff for participationFribiz.com is a unique mixture of a social network and an Internet-based auction. The best thing about this site is that you don't need money to participate in actions and bid on prizes. Refer your friends, be active on their website, complete tasks and get free points. Points could be used for participating in auctions. Personally I have won several auctions and you can see which prizes on Fribiz I have won.

Swagbucks.com allows you to earn cash for things you do almost every day. Register at Swagbucks and get points for answering questions, searching the web, playing games, doing cashback shopping or sharing opinions about your favorite things. These points could be used for getting free prizes or gift cards. Try improving your swag bucks score by referring new members. This is one of the hottest paid to search website ever.

DataPays.com - register on this website and get a chance to make money with your personal and business information/documents. Here you can earn money by sharing photos, videos, documents and other files. They give you 50% of revenue generated with your digital and real-life items.

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