DOLE: High School Grads Should Consider Cyber Service Jobs

Why study in college when you can now work even if you just graduated from HIGH school? Online jobs in the cyber services industry doesn't require you to finish any degree. As long as you have the necessary skills needed to do the JOB, you're already qualified to work.

The Department of Labor and Employment said:

"There are enough promising jobs for those who want to work in the cyber services industry where salary ranges between P13,000 and P40,000 per month and may even go up to P50,000 per month for those highly-trained and experienced."

High-demand and high-paying jobs in the cyber-services industry include those for web developers, network engineers, medical transcription, computer programmers, program analysts, systems-analysts, technical support representatives and software engineers, among others.

Many jobs that needs only a short time of study include online web marketing or search engine optimization, online article/content writing, legal transcription, medical transcription, general transcription, online office suite, web development solution and technical drafting.

“It takes only three to six months of apprenticeship/learnership to obtain knowledge and skills about these jobs. Jobseekers armed with these courses should train, pick up very good communication skills and a serious work ethic to be able to land a job.” 

Source: Sunstar

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