AHDI Has A New Scoring System For Document Accuracy

AHDI has brought in its new scoring system as the "Error Value from 100 Method." It's basically a simple demerit system where an "error-free document" is given a pefect score of 100. The errors are scored by subtracting the sum of errors from 100.

This new method also uses 98 as the passing score but it ensures that any report containing at least one critical error, regardless of length will fail the quality review. This resolves a well-known flaw of the previous system where reorts with a critical error may have a passing score if the lines exceed 100 lines.

The New Accuracy Formula

Accuracy = 100 - sum of error deductions

Accuracy = 100 - (quantity of Critical Errors x 3 points + quantity of Non\Critical Errors x 1 point)

Length of the report is no longer a factor in the scoring system

Error Categories                                       Deduction
  • Critical Error                                                                      - 3 points
  • Non-Critical Error                                                               - 1 point
  • Feedback & Educational Opportunities                             - no deduction

Definition of Errors
[68/365] play by the new rules
Critical Errors: Errors that directly compromise patient safety. A critical error in any reort will fail that report.
  • Terminology Misuse
            - Wrong diagnosis
            - Incorrect medical decision-making
            - Inaccurate billing
  • Omissions/Insertions
            - Omitted or added words that change content and compromise patient safety.
  • Incorrect Patient Demographics or Author Identification
            - Patient-encounter information such as MRN, date of service, date of consultation or date of operation, and author identification number.

Non-Critical Errors: Errors that have an impact on overall accuracy and integrity of a document but do not pose a risk to patient safety.
  • Misspelling
  • Incorrect Verbiage
  • Failure to Flag
  • Protocol Failure
  • Formatting /Account Specifications
Feedback & Educational Opportunities: Errors that do not change meaning or have no potential to affect patient care fall into this category. Incidental findings warrant educational opportunities and should be provided as feedback with no point deductions. REgardless of the reason or type (e.g. grammar, punctuation, etc), only care should fall into this category. These include but are not limited to:
  • Grammar errors that do not change the meaning of the sentence.
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Plurals
  • Run-on/fragment sentences.
  • Abbreviations.
  • Slang and inflammatory remarks.
  • Inconsequential typos and omissions. 
  • Capitalization of drug names.
  • Incorrect word forms (femur/femoral)
Source: AHDI

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