What Makes a Medical Transcriptionist Successful

Almost everybody can be successful in medical transcription. But the question is how? While every medical transcriptionist wants to be successful they don't consciously have the right information as to how the process of getting there is.
Every professional medical transcripitonist has the same skills such as expertise in medical and drug terminologies, correct english grammar, good typing speed, and high accuracy. But what makes the few stand out from the rest?

  • Drive to Continue. They are not distracted by those issues such as being replaced by EMRs.
  • Don't underestimate they work value. They don't lower their pay rate just to find work.
  • Have 100% accuracy. Being 98% today is good but becoming 100% accurate is an advantage.
  • They have trusted friends backing them up. They work in groups. In that way, their more credible than any lone freelancer. And they are more likely to be paid by the employer.
  •  They have other businesses other than this. Knowing that having more jobs today brings in more opportunities for getting more profit, they invest more on trust funds, bonds, and stocks.

There you have it. This are just some of the reasons why only a few achieve success as a medical transcriptionist. There could be a lot more ways to be successful in medical transcription. When there's a will, there's a way.

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