3 Reasons Why Medical Transcription Can Make You Lazy

In a way, medical transcription can make you lazy, in the sense that you have less time spending quality time over work. Just this morning, I woke up and realized that I needed to do some of the chiores at my house. And then at the same time get ready for training because the work place I go to is more than 30 minutes of travel from home.

So, what I did was, I skipped some of the choires, prepared some breakfast to eat, took a bath, changed my clothes, and then went off for a long ride to work. Well that's a relief. But then when I left home, I kinda left some things undone.

When I got back home, mom was already yelling about how "Lazy" I was. At first, it didn't bother me. Of course, it was natural. I had to prioritize work. My career. My future. But then again, I still lingered about the words " Being Lazy" my mom was talking about.

It was something that I was familiar with. Even so, I started to think, what are the possible reasons why I was becoming "Lazy". After much thinking, I came up with 3 main reasons why I became this way.

1.  I'm busy doing work.

Just recently, I was temporarily hired as a general transcriptionist, just to fill in the gap the company i working in. And doing general transcription meant, long long hours of transcribing interviews. I had to skip most of my free time, which in effect I didn't have time to do other things such as eating lunch. Would you call that lazy? I would. Being lazy enough to skip meals affected my performance you know.

2.  I get tired every after work.

Yeah. skip your meals because of work and you'll find yourself without having the energy to do all the work at home needed to be finished before you sleep. How's that for "lazy"? Right now, I'm already drained after working 8 hours straight and I might as well want to sleep than to finish all the chiores in the house that needs to be done. Probably my mom would scold me "lazy" again tomorrow.

3.  I just don't wanna do it.

For the most part, this is the main reason I sometimes get lazy. Like, who does want to do all of these chiores if they want to do something else? Right? My mom's yelling that I need to clean the yard while I want to watch television or surf the internet the whole day.

There you have it. the 3 main reasons why I get "Lazy."

This does not only apply in medical transcription, it also applies to all the jobs out there. Yeah, working a lot makes anybody wanna doze off. Its a good thing. But it could also be bad. So don't be lazy alright?

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medical office management said...

Well, whatever job or industry you are in, if you are really lazy and you are not doing anything about it then you will be really lazy and you wont get anything out of that job.