6 Reasons Why Many MTs Become Unsuccessful In Life

Over the past years, being employed in medical transcription was considered a satisfying career.But unfortunately, up until now, it has decline to a state that is either self-sufficient or lacking. And by lacking I meant, not enough. As you all know, our world today is a fast-paced world - full of progress with each new day, new innovations each year, new ideas created each day, new trends each month and new adventures each second.

For medical transcriptionists, the rise in technological advances have overall affected the its course in time. In the past, physcisians would make a few scribbled notes on the patient's charts that only he could understand. And because of this inefficient practice, medical transcriptionists arised.

With the advent of the computer age, transcribing protocols have changed. computers are now ready and available to be used by them - easy for the user. In effect, the work effeciency of medical transcriptionists greatly increased. But what about their life? Have they changed their life after they have worked in the field for more than 20 years? Did they get rich because of it? Where they pleased with what they have now?

As I was pondering over the life of medical transciptionists, together with some business books that I read, I found 6 reasons why most medical transcriptionists become unsuccessful in their life, with regards to their job that is.

1.  Lack of information.  Most of the people who wants to be a medical transcriptionist don't have access to education. And so, in the first place, they won't be successful in medical transcription.

2.  They fail to develop the necessary skills. Having the necessary skills for medical transcription put a person in a good position to excel in this career. Essential skills such as listening skills, comprehension, excellent english, medical, and pharmaceutical vocabulary will provide the neccessary tools to succeed in the profession.

3.  Getting discouraged to continue. This is where most starting, inexperienced, entry-level medical transcriptionists fail. As I've stated before, medical transcription is a challenging job. Every report is a challenge. It will test your skills, your patience, endurance, and determination. And getting discouraged to complete the job employs that a person will find it difficult to succeed in this profession.

4.  Fail to put up a well-thought, well-planned resume. Before being employed, a person must posses an excellent resume. Resumes were designed to portray and support a persons professional background. But if it not organized, no matter how good your resume is, you'll still wound up with nothing. Your resume is your passport. Mess it up, and you're out of the game.

5.  Don't efficiently manage their money. Medical transcription is also a way to produce a huge sum of money in the form of a paycheck. But most of this paycheck is either spent extragantly or saved in a bank account, which is either useless.

6.  Its their one and only source of income. Ever wonder why the Rich are "rich?" That's because they have many sources of income. If a person who relies solely on his paycheck in medical transcription for 20 years, would you think he'd save enough money for retirement? I don't think so. 

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