How Improve Your Quality of Life During and After Your Medical Transcription Career

Medical transcription nowadays is considered as one of the best jobs a person could have. It is simply because the pay grade is high and the job is still high in demand. And many already became a successful medical transcriptionist in their field of work. With knowledge, experience, and expertise, a person that has out-lived his life working as a medical transcriptionist has become an authority over this career.

But have you ever noticed that not all successful medical transcriptionists - ripe in their age and experience - became rich? This may be due to the fact that medical transcriptionists are also humans and that they also spend much of their money on things they either need or want to have.

While some transcriptionists have rolled their way up the ladder of fortune, there are still a lot of them who up unitl now are on the front lines of work. Some of them have worked for years as a transcriptionist most of their lives and are still up to now transcriptionists.

Let's face it. Being a medical transcriptionist for the rest of your life will not get you anywhere or at least make you rich. The author of MT Herald had also announced that he (as a medical transcriptionist for 10 years) will soon be retiring in medical transcription and focus on becoming a full-time blogger. He is just one of those people, that after so many years in this field of work has realized that working as a medical transcriptionist will not provide him a gratifying feeling after retirement.

So, I for one have found a solution (more like advices on what to do in the future) that is going to place you in a position you always wanted - at the top and in a comfortable situation where all you have to do is wait.

Money grows easily, but it depends on where, when and how you use it. Here are some of the not-so-secret anymore tips that you could, would, and have to follow to achieve that life-fulfilling dream.

  1. Save but don't thrift. It is important that you learn how to save your money when it is not needed to be spent. Make it a habit to save money. Don't take for granted even a single cent of your money because it is what makes a whole, WHOLE. Be aggressive. Everytime you get your salary, save 10% or even up to 50% of it and force yourself to live on the remaining money you have. This will keep you from spending more than what is needed.
  2. Give to others. Remember that it is God that provides you with all the things you need and want so learn also to give to those who are in need. What you give to others is what you get back from others. Be a cheerful giver.
  3. Stop borrowing and get out of debt. Having that car or house you've always wanted prompts you to take a loan from your credit card company. And soon enough you will find yourself swimming in a pile of bills lettered to you. That's not what you want right? Nobody wants to have depts knocking at their front door. So I advice you that whenever you have that feeling that you want that thing now, better wait for it. Only spend what you can afford.
  4. Live simply. Carlos Slim (richer than Bill Gates), lives in the same house that he bought 40 years ago. His example emphasizes that "rich people live simpler lives" and you should also do what they do. Dont buy stuff that you dont need, unless its urgent.
  5. Create a business. Its better to have an alternative source of income than just having one job. This investment would later become one of your safety nets when you retire from medical transcription.
  6. Educate yourself.  Creating a business would also need planning. And educating yourself with what you wanted is a sure solution to continue your business. Furthermore, it would also give you a fresh new idea of what you need to do to grow your business and your skills.
  7. Discipline yourself. Without this factor, all the above tips would be useless and futile. Instill in your mind that you have to do what is neccessary. Be vigilant in what you do with your money.
Now that you have the knowledge I have just given, it is now time for you to apply it and see the result for yourself. You will see that there will be a big difference in your life that you have never seen before.

Invest now. The only hindrance to your success is your doubt. Believe in yourself. You can do it. In time, you will retire happy and fulfilled.

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