Qualities Of The Perfect Medical Transcriptionist

What would a "perfect" medical transcriptionist be or look like? If you'd ask me, he would probably have the following qualifications...

1. Very broad knowledge over medical terminologies. More like a pharmacist or a doctor that knows drug spellings (brand and generic names), anatomical and physiological terms and lab procedures.

2. Indestructible eardrums, hands, fingers, and wrists. With so many difficult dictations, he'd have to repeat the whole record again and again, punching those keys multiple times.

3. Able to survive for long periods of time on coffee, tea, and soft drinksThat's a lot of caffeine.

4. Little need for sleep. If he can take only small catnaps in between working hours, that's a plus for productivity.

.5. Extraordinary urinary bladder controlHe won't pee for a long period of time.

6. Ability to type 700 words per minute continuously and without interruptions. Is that even possible?

7. Ability to focus only on the dictator's voice. He can't hear the noise behind the doctor.

8. Don't have any interest or whatsoever in celebrating major holidays. No participation during Christmas for him. I'd say...

9. Has a closer personal relationship with the employees of a 24/7 pharmacy, more than his family.

10. If with family, has self-raising children who can live out on their own without any help. Just like plants, you plant them, and they grow themselves.

11. Ability to transcribe while sleeping. Now, that's unbelievable.

12. Husband and/or roommate who is willing to cook, clean, do the laundry, feed the dog, and take care of the children in complete silence. Without any complaints.

13. Minimal interest to anything that resembles a social life. They don't want to mingle with somebody else.

If you have these qualities, I would much rather call you "Robot." That's for sure.

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