Pros and Cons of Self-Paced Medical Transcription Training

How do you want to study in medical transcription? Do you want to be trained inside a school with lots of e-books that you have to read? Racing yourself to the deadline just to pass the course? But who wants to do all of that anyway when you can actually get out of school and study at anywhere, anytime. Wouldn't a self-paced education be good? But how would you know if you're suited for this type of education?

Before deciding on what course of action you should take, here is a list of the Pros and Cons of a Self-Paced Medical Transcription training program.


1. Able to work part-time. If you had a day job and would very much want to keep it, you could do so, as self-paced study never requires you to neglect your other job.

2. Able to study anywhere, anytime. You are not required to go to a designated school are place to study. If the school offers an online educational course, you can just plug in the Internet and do your homework anytime of the day, anyplace. That's convenient.

3. No deadlines. Having to pass before the deadline meant rush hour for most students. But in a self-paced study program, there is no deadline to meet. You can study as long as you want.

4. Able to skip lessons. If you're pretty much sure that you know all the basics of the course, then you would definitely skip that lesson which no scheduled training program would never allow their students.

5. Don't have to commute. You can just study below the shade of your house.


1. Little to no supervision. When something goes wrong and you don't know what to do, you won't have anybody to turn to.

2. Little to no reinforcement.
Remembering the lessons you've learned with little to no reinforcement will make it more difficult for you to retain the knowledge you have studied.

3. More distractions. If you're studying through the Internet, wouldn't you like to get back to your Facebook account more often? Or if you're at home, you'd have to juggle your schedule with your other house chores such as house cleaning, groceries, and children.

So now you've learned what are the pros and cons of medical transcription, I hope you now have a better view of what a self-paced training program is and how you will benefit from it. If you are willing to take on the Cons, then be prepared.

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