A Glimpse Of An MT Student's Daily Life

Do you know what a medical transcription student's daily life is? Well, I'll tell you. It's pretty much the same as the other trainees in the BPO industry. You sit on an butt-hungry chair, set y'er eyes on the big ol'monitor, set your hands to overdrive on the keyboard 'coz there's no stoppin' you from banging that key over and over again until your ears hurt like listening to your mother's yelling.

But hey, you're still alive. As for me, the story's a bit different as everyone else's. Now that I've got your attention, I'd like you to know what a medical transcription student's daily routine is. I'm not a medical transcriptionist yet, but I'm starting to get the hang of this ass-burning job.

As you generally and probably would know, medical transcription is a job that literally transcribes medical reports overseas from audio to text formats. It's true for that part, but it's more than that. It's really more than just that.

If you would ask a medical transcription student, here's what I experienced.

6:01 in the morning - This time around, I'd be awake in my bed and thinking "Just one more 1 minute of sleep please." 'Coz my body is still stressed from yesterday. But then again, reality comes first dealt with. I'd get up, wash my body, wear another pair of clothes, eat, and then walk up a mountain just to get to work.

8:15 just right in time for school. But when teacher caught me, he'd ask, "why're you late?" and then I'd answer, "TRAFFIC kasi ser. hehe" sabay tawa... That's a relief. I got off the hook.

8:30 it's study time but why study if you already are taking up a finishing program for medical transcription? Owzz...? Yes. I'm a BS biology grad so it was an advantage for me. I got a know-how on physiology and anatomy so why waste time on relecturing me if I already know?

12:00 Lunch time! Who's hungry? Our teacher went inside the classroom just to tell me of the time. "It's 12:15 already." I know what he meant. I was overstaying, and I need to get out of class, stuff myself with rice-a-la-toppings, then get back to class at 01:00 for my appointment with my computer.

01:15 Our teacher's always late. Why is he always like that? Anyway...were back on track and I'm ready for my typing tutor. Let the games begin!!! Is 60 WPM fast? coz' I see someone else type fast like a zillion paragraphs per minute! Just joking....hehe...That ain't possible.

04:35 Ohhh...my eyes are getting tired. Even my hands are burning. I think I'm having a carpal tunnel syndrome. No. Just false alarm. Man it's cold in here. The air conditioner must be workin non-stop. My hands are freezing and I want to sleep already.

04:55 It's parting time. Bye-bye all you beautiful classmates to my left, right, front, and back. I'll miss you for today. I'll get back tomorrow. I signed off to my number one fan, the computer and off I go to home.

05:56 I can't believe it. I just traveled 7 kilometers for 1 HOUR. 1 stinking hour in the PUV. And thank God I didn't doze off before we passed our house otherwise I'd be hiking another 2 kilometers back to where my house resided.

06:30 Oh my achin' back - my achin' legs - my achin' but. I just wanna hug the bed and eat the T.V. set... Well, I gotta eat first. And some of that irresistable INTERNET on our PC. Hm-hm! Just the way I like it. Juicy Express. Who wants to blog? I do! I do! Read. read. read. comment. comment. comment. Equals LINKS!!!!

11:15 I'm already devasted. My face is a mess. I need to sleep anymore. No more blog posts. I can't think of anything else. Let's hit the sack everyone!!! Good night.

And that's what a medical transcription student's daily life is. Don't get me wrong but it's my experience. It might be different from yours but It sure is fun learning to be a medical transcriptionist.
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