List of Professional Degrees Eligible For A Medical Transcription Career

There's no greater joy in knowing how many careers your college degree can pursue. But there are times when you just can't seem to figure out what's the best career for you. I know. I've been there too. Medical transcription is also a career. It is one of the most in demand outsourced jobs, next to call centers here in the Philippines. And knowing how your college degree will fit in this career will give you an advantage in pursuing this career.

Here is a list of some Professional Degrees Eligible For A Medical Transcription Career.
  1. Doctor of Medicine
  2. Premedicine
  3. Biology
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Radiology Technologist
  6. Nursing
  7. Midwifery
  8. Physical Therapy
  9. Medical Technologist
  10. Microbiology
  11. Veterinary Medicine
  12. Physical Education
  13. Biochemistry
  14. Paramedic
  15. Nutritionist
  16. Dentistry
 If you fall on any of these degrees or is associated with any of them you are suited to pursue this career. If your course falls under these, that means you are more likely quick and able to cope up with the pressures of this job.

The reason why these professional degrees are most suited for a medical transcription career is that they mainly focus on Anatomy and Physiology, which is one of the basic foundations of this profession.

Don't be discouraged if you're degree is not included in the list. There are other ways of pursuing this career you can use. Just remember that skill is the more important factor that will impact a person's eligibility for a medical transcription career.

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medical transcription career said...

having a career in that field is one of the choices of the many nowadays as it has that flexibility option of working at home or working in an office. A lot of people likes this specially those who cannot afford to leave the house that much.