How Long Does It Take to Finish Training in Medical Transcription

The time to finish your training in medical transcription may vary. It may take you from 2 months to 2 year finishing your training, depending on your situation. It will depend on these factors:

1.    Type of training program.

Self-paced – you pick the time when (night or day, 2 to 5 hours/day) you will study.

Scheduled – you are required to take and finish the course on a prescribed basis (2 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years).

2.    The amount of time you are willing to spend.

Part-time worker – If you are working as a part-time worker, your time to study will be reduced.

Full-time worker - you will find it hard to study the course.

Free time – If you don’t have work to do or are willing to put most of your time to study, it will be faster for you to finish the course.

3.    Your ability to cope up with the subjects.

Not everybody is suited for a medical transcription career. But for a few that can adapt quickly to the medical and pharmaceutical terminologies and the principles of medical transcription adjusting to the environment of this field can be an advantage.

4.    Your medical background prior to the training.

If you had education in medicine or anything related to it, it's easier for you to understand the medical terms.
Or you finished a non-medical course such as engineering, you will find it hard to relate to the subject being discussed.

5.    Your willingness to spend money for education.

Getting an education in medical transcription costs you not only time, but also money. So be ready, as most schools (except those that give scholarships) charge you for your training. If you don't pay or can't pay the school, they probably won't certify you as a graduate medical transcriptionist.

6.    The place of your training.

If you want to train on your home (which is always self-paced).

Or, you go to class and discuss one-on-one with the instructors. I prefer this type of training because if I don't understand something, I can always consult with the teachers.

Think about these factors. Where do you stand? How do you intend to finish your training?

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