Earn Money Online By Writing Articles

Ways to make money by creating content

If you know how to put your thoughts to use and your researching abitlities like batman, then you are a great writer and a potential Internet money maker. Thousands of people make money by creating content (articles, reviews, how-to's or tutorials) for various websites. In this section I will give a list of sites, which pay you money for your content. Before I continue, I want to tell that there are such paid to write websites:

  • those, which pay money per every article written and buy your article with the rights for it
  • those, which allow you to keep the rights and re-distribute your content, but they do pay less
  • revenue sharing websites, just like Squidoo, allow you to keep the rights for the article, publish it and receive a revenue share
  • and finally, there are several websites, which try to mix all these types together, but still allow us to make money for free by writing.

So why don't we proceed to the reviews, shall we?

Paid To Write Services with Revenue Sharing

Publish your articles and receive a revenue share from ads placed

Squidoo logoThis is the most popular concept among get paid to write websites, because the service owners have nothing to lose - your earnings depend purely on the quality of your content, the amount of time you will spend on promoting your articles (content pages, which are called hubs, lenses and so on) and the owners of such "get paid to write" websites collect a small fee for allowing you use their services (this is carried out in such a way - authors and site owners split the revenue).

The most popular websites among people, who like to earn money by writing content and reviews are Squidoo.com, Ehow.com, HubPages.com and so on. I will highlight only top three sites, which pay money for such work. Other services of this type will be only listed and not that much attention will be paid to them.

Make Money For Free With Squidoo.com

Write articles, create lenses and make money for free

Make money for free with Squidoo.comI am looking forward to starting to make money by writing content for free. Squidoo.com is my number one choice for this task and in this lens I want to highlight all possible ways of making money online for free. If you don't yet know, at Squidoo you can easily create lenses (content pages) and earn money, when people check out your lenses and check out sponsored ads, which are placed on such pages (additionally you can choose to donate money generated by your lenses to a charity organization of your choice). Personally speaking, I consider Squidoo the number one paid to write website the services of which are based on the revenue sharing model.

Google Adsense Revenue Sharing At HubPages.com

Make money by writing articles and posting them on HubPages.com

Make money with no investment at HubPages.comHubPages.com is one of the biggest Squidoo "rivals". Thousands of people are making good money by writing articles and reviews for posting them at HubPages.com. This paid to write website works on a slightly different principle - members get to add their Google Adsense, Amazon Publisher and Kontera ads and receive the most of their earnings. Unlike Squidoo, where payments are made via PayPal, contextual advertising systems are in change of payments to HubPages members. All in all, HubPages is a superior website for making money for free by writing articles and reviews, if you want to make some quick money by the help of your writing skills, then look no further.

Make Money By Writing Reviews and Articles at InfoBarrel.com

Receive money for publising your content articles

Make money for free by writing at Infobarrel.comI have promised to place top three sites for making money online by writing content. It was not easy for me, because the number of sites, which give money for creating content is totally insane. InfoBarrel.com is a comparatively new site for earning money for free, but it has become very popular among writers, who are having great success with it. InfoBarrel.com is based on Google Adsense revenue sharing model and writers receive 75% of the money generated by their articles. Sounds like a great deal, especially for those, who is good at writing keyword rich articles and promoting them. Articles posted on InfoBarrel.com tend to be indexed fast and get pretty good search engine positions. These are the main factors, which made me list it in a separate content module.

Other Sites To Get Paid To Write For Free

List of ways to earn cash for free by writing and reviewing

Storymash.com - a content publishing website, where users can make money by writing articles (collaborative fiction). This is not a Google Adsense revenue sharing network, here you receive money based on the performance of your publications (users are awarded with at least of 50% of the money generated by their publications). Both international and US members are accepted. Payments are made by check or via PayPal.

Free-Tricks.com is a blog, which offers you an opportunity to write about earn money, running blogs and search engine optimization. Publish your articles at Free-Tricks.com and make 100% of google adsense revenue plus free links to your site.

TheContentAuthority.com - earn money by writing articles and get money based on your writer reputation. The Content Authority is looking for skilled writers, who would like to earn some money with the help of their writing talent. Receive up to 2 cents per word (approximately $5-$6 per article), but write only on topics specified. Additionally you can earn money rewriting content and receive 0.008 USD per every word rewritten.

ArticlePlot.com - this is supposed to be a next generation of article directory. Submit your articles to ArticlePlot.com and receive 100% google adsense revenue share. Apart of the ability to earn money with ArticlePlot, the owners offer a great variety of tools for promoting your site and boosting its search engine rankings. All in all, awesome offer.

TntPages.com - is one of the newest Google Adsense revenue sharing sites, where you can earn money by writing articles. The post links have dofollow attribute activated, which means that apart from 70% revenue share you can receive some SEO benefits from submitting your articles to TntPages and leaving links in the author box.

EarnWrite.com - with the help of this brand new service you can get new entries to your freelance writer's portfolio and make money for free by writing articles. Right now this website offers a Google Adsense revenue sharing. Depending on your performance you can get up to 80% of the money made by your content, which sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Best-Reviewer.com - will help you to make easy money online by writing reviews. In order to start making money with this website, you need to register and create a list of your favorite things within the niche you like, for example - "Top 10 Sites For Making Money By Writing" and share it with the world. You will be getting 100% of the money generated by Google Adsense ads, which are placed on all pages.

BlogHubz.com - helps webmasters and freelancers to both promote their websites via article submission and make money with Google Adsense revenue sharing. BlogHubz.com offers dofollow links (this is a SEO benefit) and 85% of the cash generated by Google Adsense on your articles.

RantRave.com - is a free content website, where you can earn money by publishing content. Compared to other sites, which have been listed here, RantRave.com has one advantage and one disadvantage. They do offer 100% Google Adsense revenue sharing, but the links in the posts are nofollow, so if you want to promote your site with RantRave via article marketing, then this is only a great site for generating traffic.

ArticleIncome.com - represents a superb tool for Internet writers and freelancers. Post your articles within ArticleIncome network, generate free traffic to your website, build reputation and make money online. ArticleIncome.com offers a Google adsense revenue sharing system, which will give you up to 75% of the revenue. Additional tools for earning money include activity rewards and referral system.

ConsumerSearch.com is a superb research website, which is looking for passionate writers. Here you can become an expert and earn money by writing content. Right now they don't disclose how much money writers get paid but this looks like a very interesting site to write for. Right now they are looking for writers, who specialize in technology, automotive and photo/video. Apply today and don't forget to leave your comments about your experience.

LoveToKnow.com is looking for writers and editors, who will be interested in contributing to their community by writing articles. Right now they have a large variety of topics to choose from, so you can get a chance to get paid to write about something you really like. In order to become a member of their team and to earn money by writing articles, you have to fill out an application form for writers and wait until you are approved. No information about earning rates is not provided, unless you are accepted to their team.

Igougo.com allows you to write about your traveling experience and the owners of this website reward you with special prizes for doing so. With this site you don't get money for writing travel stories but in return you can generate spacial points, which are redeemable for various prizes. Additionally you can earn points for contributing to their travel journal, reviewing resorts and sharing your photos.

Internationalliving.com is one more website, where you can make money by selling your traveling experience. Right now they offer money for articles, images and photos. With this site you can earn $250 for 840 words and $400 for 1,400 words of written information. Also it should be noted that Internationalliving.com offers additional writing tasks and bonuses for best contributers.

Auctionbytes.com is looking for writers, who can write about auction and Internet related stuff. Here you will also be paid to write how-to articles and reviews of software, sites and services. Right now Auctionbytes.com owners are offering $20 per article (topic, which is likely to be accepted - collectibles). If you are a first time writer at Auctionbytes you have to provide a high-quality submission in order to be accepted and paid.

Google Knol is a Google version of Wikipedia, where anyone can create or edit articles and even earn money with Google Adsense. Google Knol is comparatively new project by Google, which means there are still a lot of uncovered topics and if you would like to create some Knol pages, get traffic by adding your blog to Knol's related pages and get paid for clicks from Adsense ads, then this site will be a great choice for you.

BreakStudios.Break.com is looking for professional writers, who would like to make money online for free. Break Studious has been in copy-writing business for a long time, so they have high demands for their writers. Every new writer is to pass a moderation process and you need to supply some of your samples before joining BreakStudios.Break.com.

ShoutMeLoud.com is a popular technology blog, which offers us an opportunity to earn money with guest posting. At ShoutMeLoud you can publish your articles (supported topics are Blogging, search engine optimization, WordPress, social media, bookmarking, affiliate marketing and making money online), keep 100% of Google Adsense revenue and get a chance to receive traffic to your website by adding your links in the resource box.

Factoidz.com is a professional content writing firm, which is looking for new creative writers. After becoming a copywriter at Factoidz.com you will be able to earn money depending on the number of visits your articles generate and get upfront bonuses of up to $30 per article.

RedGage.com is a new social network with a twist. Here you can share your photographs or images, write blog posts, share videos, bookmarks and documents with a chance of making money with them. You will get paid for every 1000 views of your content and the minimum cash-out is just $5 (money is paid to your personal visa card).

Tipdrop.com - a twitter alternative, where you can share your favorite tips micro-blogging style.Tipdrop allows you to add Google Adsense ads to your personal page and earn 75% of the revenue generated by your tips.

Snipsly.com is a free article directory, which gives us an ability to post articles, promote your site by adding dofollow links to your articles and make 80% of the money generated by Google Adsense ads on your articles. Snipsly.com allows you to make money from your articles, get free traffic and dofollow backlinks.

Wikinut.com is a new version of human-edited encyclopedia, where contributers can make money by writing new articles and editing already published ones. Authors make 50% of the money generated by advertising on their posts, editors earn 5% of the money earned by pages edited by them and people, who referred new members to Wikinut.com get 10% of the amount their earn. The minimum cash-out at Wikinut.com is 5 GBP. Additionally you can generate traffic and get dofollow links from your articles.

RantRave.com is a free social media website, where you can make money online by publishing articles, sharing bookmarks, sparking up conversations and being an active member of RantRave.com community. RantRave.com is a google adsense revenue sharing website and users can earn up to 100% of money made by their articles.

FreelanceWritingGigs.com - this free website helps people start making money online by writing - they provide helpful tips, share their thoughts about freelance writing market and list the latest and the best freelance writing jobs available online. One of the best sites for those, who want to earn money from home by writing.

Bloggerjobs.biz - great source of free freelance writing jobs, blogging jobs and freelance writing tasks.

More sites to Earn Money by Writing Articles and Reviews

Other get paid to write services

Other get paid to write websitesOondi.com is yet another website ,where you can get paid to write articles, reviews, tutorials and other types of content. This is a free google adsense revenue sharing websites, where you can keep100% of money generated by your articles. Apart from earning money by writing, here you can promote your personal site by adding links to it in the articles and enjoy benefits of backlinks from this high-PR website.

FireHow.com - if you like writing reviews and how-to guides, then FireHow should definitely grab your attention. With the help of this site, you can publish your content and earn money based on your articles' performance. I have not found any information on the revenue sharing percentage. The minimum payout is just 10 dollars and you can get paid securely to your PayPal account.

WonderHowTo.com - probably the most creative revenue sharing website, where you can make money by writing articles and how-to guides. WonderHowTo allows to post articles or create thematic directories for articles (WonderHowTo World) and they provide 100% Google Adsense revenue share. In your WHT world you can link to your homepage and your favorite websites in order to generate additional traffic.

CreateSpace.com is for Internet users, who treat writing seriously and have already achieved something in writing. If you are writing books or have ever considered creating one, then CreateSpace can help you publish your own book and earn money with it. CreateSpace staff takes care of the publishing and selling process, you just collect a revenue share. Various self-publishing options are offered, including Amazon Kindle format.

ReVud.info - do you like revenue sharing article directories and social bookmarking websites? ReVud.info combined these two features into one website and they allow you to share your content, get do-follow links to your favorite websites and 90% of the money generated by Google Adsense ads on pages, created by you.

BlogIt.com is an interesting website with a unique earning concept. BlogIt is not free, in order to participate on this website you will have to subscribe for $9.95 (monthly fee). For this money BlogIt will set up a blog for you and you will be able to start posting. With other bloggers you will be participating in some sort of the competition, where 50% of subscription revenue is a competition fund - best bloggers get the most money.

BrightHub.com - if you are keen on writing about technology, education or health, business or science channels, then you have high chances of earning money by writing at BrightHub.com. This news website is looking for new writers and experts, who are willing to share their experience and knowledge with the readers. BrightHub.com pays up to 60% of the revenue generated by your articles and the minimum payout is just $15 via PayPal.

DailyWiki.org - one more website, where you can participate in writer competition and earn money with your writing. Here you can earn points by writing articles and commenting on other member's articles. The main monthly prize is $100. Additionally you can promote your personal website in your articles in order to gain valuable traffic.

ListMyFive.com is a free website, where you can create articles and earn money online. ListMyFive accepts top-5 lists of your favorite things. After creating these lists you will be able to collect rewards on revenue sharing basis. Payments are completed via PayPal only.

Elance.com - earn cash online by completing various freelance tasks. Elance allows you to find employers. This freelance website is full of freelance writing jobs, so you can find these easily. Elance dot com supports various payment systems including PayPal.

HacksPc.com - if you like guest blogging, then you won't be able to resist this offer. HacksPc is a very popular blog and the owners are looking for guest bloggers and they will pay you 5 dollars for every article written. Payments for your writing will be sent via PayPal.

Evoire.com - free Google Adsense revenue sharing website, where you can post your articles (with do-follow links). This means that by writing articles and submitting them to Evoire.com you will be able to generate traffic, get free backlinks and earn 80% of the money earned by Google Adsense advertising on your articles.

WiseGeek.com is looking for new writers, who can choose one of five hundred available topics. The rates for every articles range between $10 and $14. All the payments are completed on weekly basis via PayPal payment system.

OrganizedWisdom.com - if do you specialize in medicine and related topics, then you can register at OrganizedWisdom as a medical expert and make money by writing articles and tutorials.

Senserely.com is created for users, who like writing articles and would like to make money by publishing them. Senserely is a Google Adsense revenue sharing website, where you can get 80% of the money earned by your publications. Additionally you can promote your blog by adding links to it in your articles (links are do-follow).

AllWriting.net - one more interesting site, which pays money for every article written. Register and apply to become a writer. If you are accepted, you will be able to receive $5-$20 per page written. AllWriting.net gives monthly bonuses for the best writers and they support various payout systems (Payoneer, Paypal, Western Union, WebMoney, etc.

ExpertsColumn.com - revenue sharing website. Post your articles, promote them and earn money for every visitor you get. Writers at ExpertsColumn can add do-follow links to their articles and receive traffic benefits. The minimum payout at ExpertsColumn is just $5. Payments are said to be made via PayPal system.

TextBroker.com - register to become a writer and start receiving money for writing articles. The rates are - $0.015 to $0.026 for every word written. The minimum cashout limit at TextBroker.com is just 10 dollars and members receive payments for their writing via PayPal.

Examiner.com is looking for writers, who will provide local news and written updates. If you can provide original and well written content, then this website could be for you. Submit your application form and start writing for money. After doing some research, I found out that examiners receive 1,5-3,5 dollars per article.

AllBlogTools.com is a huge blog, which allows anyone to become a guest blogger and receive money for writing. By submitting your articles to AllBlogTools.com you can get 100% revenue from your Google Adsense ads on your articles and links to your blog or personal site (good for SEO). Also you have a chance of becoming a regular author at AllBlogTools.com and this could help you promote your site more and earn even more cash.

Bloggerparty.com - free blog hosting service, where anyone can create a free blog, start posting articles and receive 50% of google adsense revenue on your posts. Additionally you have a chance to invite your friends and increase your earnings by a 25% referral bonus.

Worldstart.com - earn money by writing technology-related content. Currently paid to write rates stand at $25-$50 for 250-600 word articles. All the payments are completed via PayPal or checks.

LandscapingIdeasOnline.com - if you like writing about about gardening, landscaping, photography, writing and or teaching, then you have a great chance to earn money by writing content for LandscapingIdeasOnline.com. Articles are required to be at least 600-1500 words in length and have to pass a moderation process.

Editfast.com - is a website, where you can find freelance writing jobs and receive 40% of final project price provided by Editfast.com. At Editfast clients pay editors and editors pay the writers. Payments are completed via PayPal only.

Mommythink.com - if you would like to earn money by writing about pregnancy, home birth, baby wearing, and other family subjects, you will be able to make up to $50 for every article written and submitted to Mommythink.com. Users earn up to 10 cents per word and articles are expected to be 750-2500 words in length.

Families.com is looking for full time bloggers. Right now bloggers receive money for writing 300 word blog posts. Users are paid $4 per blog entry but have to undergo a 90 day training period. Annual raises up to $5.50 take place regularly. Only bloggers from US (including military bases abroad), Canada, Australia or UK are accepted.

Bukisa.com - get paid to write website, which is available for US and non-US registrations. Users receive money for every view generated depending on Bukisa index, which is being updated on daily basis. Users get paid when they earn a minimum of $10 (via PayPal).

Xomba.com - one more website for publishing original, unique high quality content with the ability to make money online. Write, comment, share ideas make money online by writing. Revenue sharing - 60% of Google Adsense earnings.

HowToDoThings.com - register and start writing. Here you can publish your favorite tips and get paid on Google Adsense revenue sharing basis (50%).

Triond.com - very powerful "get paid to write" website. Here you write your articles and they are published on a network of blogs, owned by Triond.com. Users make 50% revenue share and get paid via PayPal, check or Western Union.

TechMaish.com is looking for guest bloggers and offer such benefits - Google Adsense revenue sharing, free backlinks from a high PR website and an opportunity to receive free traffic.

Additional Opportunities to Earn with Freelance Content Writing

Other sites to make money by writing articles with

Free way to earn money by writing contentBlogburner.com - very interesting opportunity for everyone, who likes blogging. Register at Blogburner.com, receive a free blog and make money by writing blog entries. This "paid to blog" website works on Google Adsense revenue sharing basis and now they split the money 50/50. On top of this you can refer your friends and earn 3%-10% referral bonus on three levels. The more bloggers you invite, the more money you will be able to earn with blogging.

Suite101.com - register with this freelance writing website, contribute to the community and get a chance of earning money with your work. Suite101 provides a unique possibility to your personal growth - you can talk to hundreds of professional writers, who make a living on Suite101.com and get critical feedback on your articles.

Letterrep.com - with this website you can use your writing skills for making money with letter writing. Letterrep.com supplies several types of jobs connected with creating letters - selling your own letters, promoting existing letters or writing letters by request. Users receive 10 dollars for every letter written or sold and receive their money via PayPal.

Methodshop.com - gives you a great chance to earn money at home by writing articles about iPod, Apple iPad or just general technology. Depending on the quality of your work you can receive different rates. In order to become a writer at Methodshop.com you need to follow their social accounts to see which type of content is accepted, apply for a blogger account and start writing for pay.

Helium.com - very popular media agency, which is constantly looking for new writers. With Helium.com you can make money through incentive payments and earn even more cash from exclusive assignments and performance bonuses (your earnings greatly depend on the traffic your work receives).

About.com - get a chance to become a full time blogger and earn at least $675 per month by writing articles for About.com. Becoming a guide could be hard task to achieve. To get started you need to have good writing ability, web formatting skills, expertise in your topic, desire to do research and find new things, be passionate about your subject.

Associatedcontent.com - make money by writing articles in two ways. The first way to earn money by writing is to use upfront payment system and revenue sharing basis. Users make up to 5 dollars for every article published and up to $1.50 for every 1000 views of your content. Payments are completed via PayPal on weekly basis.

Boddunan.com - earn money by writing articles and being an active member of Boddunan community. Make up to 2 dollars for every article written, take part in daily writing contests and enjoy other earning opportunities, including Google Adsense revenue sharing.

EarnForBlog.com - the process of earning money with this site is very simple: you become an active member of this community, share your thoughts by adding new articles, get special points and exchange them for real money. Supported payout options are: DBBL/Bank Transfer/Flexi Load.

ProBlogDesign.com - one of the most popular Internet blogs about web design and development is looking for contributors and is willing to pay money for quality articles. Here users get a chance to make up to 125 dollars for every accepted article. Visit their blog for more information.

ReveNews.com - if you are experienced in Internet marketing or web promotion, then you can make money by writing content for ReveNews.com. This website is looking for creative authors, who can spark up conversations on their website. Very good website with high earning possibilities.

SitePoint.com - one of the most popular webmaster/domain sales community is always looking for new contributors. If you specialize in programming, web design, domain sales or other related niches - contribute to SitePoint.com and get up to $100 for every article accepted and lifetime royalties.

AnswerBunch.com - make money online with your knowledge. Register on this website to get a chance to answer questions and make money when other view your answers. AnswerBunch.com is a revenue sharing network, this means that you can make 50%-70% of Google Adsense revenue generated by your submissions.

SmashingMagazine.com - probably the most popular web design blog is looking for contributors and can pay good money for good articles. Here you can make money by writing articles and checking submitted articles as a reviewer. Very good website for skilled designers and writers.

CallingAllGeeks.org - free blog for everyone, who likes reading about technology, Internet, world wide web and gadgets. If you specialize in such topics - become a guest blogger and earn 100% of Google Adsense revenue sharing. This is an awesome opportunity ot gain exposure and make money by writing articles.

Howto-Guidebook.com - offers a free way to make money online with your articles, boost your Internet popularity and gain dofollow links to your site. This is a Google Adsense revenue sharing site and you can get 80% of revenue generated with your articles.

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